Monday, September 8, 2008

False Alarm!

We had the real 'false alarm' this morning, literally. Our house has lots of smoke detectors, and they are all linked together. So, if one goes, everyone else go together. It's a good thing, so if there is smoke in the basement, and you are in the second floor bedroom, you can get out before it's too late. But early this morning, the alarms went off at 4:30am for no reason. It was so loud, we were worried it will wake up entire neighborhood. We ran up and down the stairs to check for fire or smoke, there was nothing. I even checked the dryer, water heater and the furnace in the basement and the AC unit in the attic. Nothing was wrong. And there is no way to figure out which alarm triggered it. DH took one off, and took out the battery, luckily that silenced it. So we thought it was fine and we can deal with it in the morning. Then they went off again an hour later. This time we had to pull all of them off. Annoying thing is even with all the batteries out, one of them still beeped several times! What the h* is wrong with it? And since we had most of them on the dining table, I couldn't figure out with one was it. It was probably malfunctioned. Remember that episode of Friends, when Phoebe couldn't make the alarm stop, she smashed it and threw it down to the dumpster. It was like that, very freaky. And that noise was so loud and I could swear that I was still hearing it afterward. At 5:30am, the birds started singing, and the sound of bluejay even resembles the alarm. I had to put the comforter over my head to block the bird singing and tried really hard to ignore the sound in my head. What a night! Oh, I also bruised my left shin bone right above the ankle. I was really in a hurry to take off the alarm in the dining room, forgot the chair I pulled over has arms. So, I kicked right into it when I tried to jump on. Now it's so painful and swollen. So, this morning we had smoke detectors all over the floor and tables, my bruised shin, and two very tired sleepyhead. We probably will stop by the fire station today and ask for some advice. Two highly educated person can not even figure out what is wrong with the smoke detectors! Great!

Anyway. Back to some happy notes. DH came back from China Sat night, and his plane landed safely even with the pouring rain from the hurricane Hanna. He bought some nice sheets and duvet cover from Shanghai. They didn't fit our queen size comforter exactly, but it's close. And he also bought some beautiful pillow covers for the sofa, with very traditional chinese design. What a nice hubby! :o) Oh, the best part is he bought my favorite Chinese magazine, Rayli! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that magazine. I am learning a lot from it, from the fashion trends to makeup tips. I grew up with all those hand-me-down clothes from my sister and cousins, even aunts! And I still have lots of really old clothes. Now I have been trying to find my own style, and this mag really helped a lot. Who wants to look like a 'yellow-faced old lady'!

And I stopped by the Fabric Place Sat morning. Remember they are closing down? So I had to get the extra fabric and zippers I need for the slipcover. It was like a mad house! So many people, the lines at the cutting table and cashiers are super long. And I was lucky enough they still had some of the same fabric left, so I bought them all, with 50% off! And I got lots of zippers, notions and couldn't resist a gorgeous fabric standing next to the cutting table, so got a couple of yards of that. And there are some people buying tons of stuffs, maybe thoudands of dollars worth. I thought they must be buying inventory for their business. Everything 20-50% off! And all sales final! So sad there will be no more Fabric Place! I probably will stock up more stuffs before they are gone.

I finished the orders, made lots of new necklaces and bracelets. And I spray painted some old frames I collected from yard sales and ready to make some of my own unique arts for the bedroom and living room. My camera still not fixed, so no new pic this time. :(


UxCritter said...

Glad everything was okay when the alarms went off. It would be good to get everything checked now when it's just a 'false alarm'.

TranquilityKnots said...

That's exactly what I thought. I cannot live with the noise, but I cannot live without the alarms for long either. I will definitely talk to someone from our local fire station. Thanks.