Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Listings in Store

I finally upload this cutie to my shop. I really love the pink and brown color combination, and the design of the knot. But it's so hard to make! I made one in red for my friend before, but that one was a lucky charm for his car. I will probably try different color combination with it, but not right now. I am so busy preparing for the show, trying to make as many inventory as I possibly can, because I know the traffic will be great, and my stuffs are so unique and lovely, they will definitely fly off the shelf. Originally I planned to make 20 items for each catagory, but now I am thinking about 50. There are actually a couple of really big shows I could join, but they are just too close to this show, there is no way I can make that many stuffs in time. So, I gave up the opportunities. I probably won't even have time to take care of my shop, but I will try my best to upload something every week, if not everyday. I have two more necklaces with me today, maybe I will write the description now and upload them later today or tomorrow.

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