Monday, September 22, 2008

Close Call!

Sure, they look cute and fluffy in this picture, it's because they are still babies! Everyone smelled them before will definitely keep their distance from them. I experienced my moment yesterday, just 2 yards away from a huge one. I received my chinese dogwood and peony on Sat, check the previous posting for the pictures. BTW, I love parkseed, they have very nice plants and shipped really fast, and the plants were not damaged at all. DH helped me planted the dogwood yesterday, and I planted the barerooted peony later. I gave up another raised bed to my precious peony, it's right outside the kitchen window, so I can enjoy the flowers and the wonderful aroma while preparing meals. Anyway, as I was watering the peony, I noticed a big hole right behind the other raised bed, it was under the deck and blocked by my veggies, so I didn't noticed it before. I did noticed some animal dug its way underneath my chick wire fence, but I thought it was the bunny. I didn't want to craw under the deck to check the big hole, and I had the garden hose in my hand, so I just spray it, wondering how long it will take me to fill it up. I didn't think the animal was still in there. So, when I saw a black head stick out, I was shocked. And then came the biggest shock, it was a HUGE skunk! Have you ever seen a dead skunk on the side of highway? This one was about twice the size! I guess I was in shock, so instead of running back inside the house and close all the windows, I kept on spraying it with water. It must be my lucky day, because that big fat skunk didn't even look at me, it turned and went throught the tunnel and got out of the chicken wire fence. Then I suddenly realized my basement bulkhead was open, and if it went in there, we will be in big big trouble. Luckily, it went directly towards my neighbor's yard, and went to the other street. I was strangely brave the whole time, holding my garden hose and kept on spraying it. If it sprayed me, I probably will have to tell DH to ask for the special recipe my neighbor used to clean skunk spray off their dog, which they said worked better than tomato sauce. And I would have to email my boss and ask for a day off for the "skunk emergency"! That won't be fun at all.

And my luck didn't just stop there. I am featured again today. Fellow Etsy owner, Tags&Buttons is organizing this blog give away kind of event, and I was lucky enough to be selected and my button knot earrings will be second prize awards. Cannot wait to see who will actually win my earrings. So exciting.

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