Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sad News

Remember my favorite store, Fabric Place? Just got the shocking news, they are closing the Framingham and Woburn stores! What a shame! Why??? Where am I supposed to get what I need then? I guess we still have Jo-Ann, but it's not as convenient for me. The woburn FP store is 5 minutes away from my house, and the framingham store is 3 minutes away from my friend's home, which I visit quite often. Maybe I can give some of those fabulous online fabric stores a try. But still really sad! One good news is they are running huge inventory sell-off sale. Big discount on everything. I am writing down a huge list of everything I might need in the near future, probably will get a car load of fabric and notions. Excited but sad!

Oh, remember my friend H, who just started sewing last Sat? She got her first sewing related injury today. Guess she set up her sewing machine on a small table and sat at a weird position, her lower back locked up. It's so painful, she can barely walk today. I am so sorry for her, since I know how painful it can be. I had similar injury 2 years ago, sitting on a little stool working on my flower and vegetable seedlings. I had to go through a couple of months of PT and lots of yoga to get back to normal, and it still hurt once a while. Hope she can recover faster and cleaner. The lesson here is always work at a nice desk and sit correctly in a good chair. Poor H!

Oh, look what I just found! Emily from Material Girls posted these great tips about painting your house, Interior Paint From A to Z. I am going to paint a headboard/focal wall in our master bedroom tonight, so very happy I found this article. And don't forget to check out Lauren and Emily's other great posts.


momiji said...

I'm so shocked to hear about the closure of Fabric Place! I live on the west coast now, but I lived in the Boston area for many years and always loved shopping there. Jo-Ann can't hold a candle to FP. It's very sad news.

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