Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Blooming Orchids

The weather is getting cold, but our orchids are doing great. Some of AK and EG's orchids are blooming so well, I just had to take some pics and share with you guys. I will post their names once I talk to AK and EG again. So, enjoy.

And I finally brought in the 4 sets of necklace and bracelet AD ordered. He wanted 4 sets of matching ones for himself, his little grandson and two daughters. They are very much alike, I just put the beads at different locations, and used different closures for the bracelets. I discussed the design with AD first, and then show him the sample, so I know they will love them.
And here is the first necklace I made for AD. The name of this knot is "phenix's tail", very pretty name.

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