Wednesday, July 30, 2008

100 Posts!

Just realized I reached 100 posts today! Wow! Didn't know I 'talked' this much. ;) And I got more than 100 hearts on Etsy! 100 is such a magic number, makes me feel so good! My earlier post looks way too simple for this special occasion, so here is more.
A co-worker approached me on the shuttle today. She wanted to buy my jade fish necklace. I am SO SO HAPPY! That one is my favorite, I even used it on my business card. I am glad it's going to this lovely lady. And remember the guy from my office who wanted a MANLY necklace? He liked it so much, he placed order for two pairs of earrings for his daughters, and two matching bracelets for himself and his little grandson! And he challenged me to make him a huge decoration piece for his living room! I am going to be very busy for a while! But who cares. I love challenges, I am going to have so much fun.

I am also busy making some promo items these days. I was chatting on the Etsy forum, and found some nice fellow Etsy sellers offering help to everyone. They are going to their local craft shows, and ask for more promo items and b-cards for their goodie bags. What a wonderful idea! So, I am going to make some post-it covers with pics of my items, a simple promo item that I saw online a while ago. Unfortunately, I just cannot find that link any more. Here is what I remembered. Go to Mosaic Maker on BIG HUGE LABS. You can make 2*2 or bigger mosaic of your pics on Flickr or other individual URLs. Save it on your local computer. Then use your favorite software to add some notes and print it out on some cardstock. Then cut to size, and put some post-it notes inside. And Ta-dah, you got yourself a cute promo. I will post the link as soon as I find it again, and will post pics of my promo items here later. At the mean time, here are two similar tutorials for you to try out. This one is from Make And Takes website.

This one is from Chica And Jo.

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