Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Wonderful Gardenia

My gardenia finally bloomed! The flower buds formed at the end of Feb, and took them almost 5 months to open. 5 Months! I moved all my plants outside in early May, and really worried about this gardenia. It is my first attempt to grow gardenia, and everyone told me it's very picky, quite challenging. So, I was afraid all the new buds will drop and then it will die. BUT, apperantly it loves my sunny deck. It grows so well, not even one bud dropped. I took these pictures this morning, and there were 6 huge flowers. Two of them opened last Friday, they suppose to last only 2 days, but these two still pretty good, just started turning yellow. The smell is just heavenly! Oh, all my jasmines are happy too. Remember the one that bloomed about 300 flowers a couple of months ago? I trimmed it, and now it has lots of buds again! And two others started blooming too.
Oh, I made 3 more nursing cover and a half apron recently, but only got chance to photograph them last Sun. I will post them in my shop soon.

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