Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Bike

We are absolutely a couple of frequent shopper at Target. We went there again yesterday after work, and this time we bought a BIKE! It's so beautiful, and comfortable! DH was very happy about it. Yes, this is his new bike, or shall I say new toy?I was very tired last night, but still managed to make two new nursing covers. One is called "Fushion", has pink and orange abstract leaves design, not a girly design, but very girly colors. Forgot the name of the other fabric, but it has beautiful floral design and big butterflies on yellow background. Both of them are very girly, have to remember to buy some fabric for boys next time. I know I haven't sold any of them yet, but I am preparing for the crafts show later this year. I work at Children's Hospital, there will be lots of parents, doctors and nurses there. So, I am pretty sure these nursing covers and other baby gifts will be a big hit. This is my motivation and excuse for buying more beautiful fabric and making more stuffs. I will post the pictures later.

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