Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Garden

Here are some of the pictures I took on Sat. Enjoy.

This beautiful geranium was not doing so good in our office, but look at it now. It obviously loves my garden. More nasturtium pics. Never had this pale yellow one before, and it's just wonderful.And look at how big this jasmine flower is!Here are some other annual flowers on my deck.
My elephant ear is getting much bigger. I took it in over the winter, but its leaves look much lovely and healthier out in the summer sun. Another pot filled with gorgeous leaves.Close up on this lovely petunia.I decided to choose a different one this year. This was a shot of the ones I had last summer. They are just so lovely, I have to post them here too. And here are some shots from my vegetable garden.
This onion flowerhead is absolutely stunning in this macro picture. Look at all those tiny flowers! This is a close up of a flower cluster of dill. Did you see that tiny bee? It moved around quite fast, so it was very hard to capture this moment!Oh, another big bee was enjoying my lavender. Actually there were an army of them in my garden, they help me a lot with my cherry tomatoes. I took tons of pictures over the weekend, cannot fit all of them here. So have to show the rest later.

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