Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Love Summer Time

Three of my jasmines are blooming!
This is the follow up pic of the flower buds from yesterday.And here is my sambac. It has this one long branch, very unbalanced. I probably will trim it and make some cuttings out of it after the flowers faded. My deck smells so good now, with all these jasmine and gardenia flowers. And all my annuals in the window boxes and other pots are doing great too. And my garden is great as well. I really enjoy the fresh (scented) air and beautiful view (tons of flowers) every morning. And I love to walk around the garden after work, watching the bees and butterflies.

Beautiful butterfly on my purple cone flowers. I grew these from seeds, and they are getting too crowded now. More butterflies on my lavender. A bee on my russian sage. Some of my nasturtiums.

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