Monday, July 28, 2008

A Very Productive Weekend

How was your weekend? We had a gorgeous Sat, and not so bad Sun. Besides the routines, lanudry and gardening, DH and I spent some time organizing the basement. The floor paint totally dried, so we started to move stuffs back to where they supposed to be. I painted the small old 4-drawer chest creamy white, so it will fit in the newly painted 'exercise room' better. We are using it as TV stand, so when we do Turbo Jam or when DH running on the treadmill, the TV will be at eye level. We moved the big shelves back against the walls. MAN! They were heavy! I built the two big wooden ones to hold the big and heavy boxes, so you can imagine how heavy they are even when empty. And my workbench is connected to one side of the biggest shelf, so it was even more awkward to move. Even after donating a whole car full of stuffs, we still have many boxes. I don't know why we hold on to all the stuffs back from when we were in school, we are not going to use them any more, just a waste of space. So, we attacked those boxes furiously. You should see the recycle boxes, they were filled with old homework assignments, printouts, and magazine. And we are going to donate those old books, old metal bed frame, and some old electronics, including the old TV and stereo system. I feel happier and lighter as the clutters shrinks. I guess the time spent watching Clean House is not wasted after all. (Love that show!) Now I can start dreaming of my very own craft area, with spacious tables for crafts and sewing, and shelves filled with my supplies. I am going to finish it before our vacation next week. So, only 6 more days to put the whole thing together. I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT!

And I managed to squeeze in some creative work while watching movies on TV. I made 3 more cute necklaces and a nursing cover. A guy in my office, (he looks like a big teddy bear) saw my new necklace Friday, and asked me to make something manly for him. So, I chose dark green, olive green and brown satin cords, and make a 3-string phoenix tail knot necklace. I am pretty sure he will love it, just need to measure his neck and adjust the length first. I will post the picture later.

The rain held off almost the whole day yesterday, so my neighbor was able to throw a bday party for his son. I don't know how much people spend on a 4-year-old's bday party, but my neighbor sure spent a fortune. They rented those big tents and set them up in their backyard, and there were 23 guest cars parked in our street. And they arranged horseback riding for the kids! Horseback riding on a residential street! The kids all loved those two horses, the bigger one was for the older kids, and the poney was for the toddlers, even the babies got to ride them in their moms arm. The kids sure had lots of fun, we enjoyed watching the horses from our porch as well. It reminded us our trip to Aruba several years ago. We went on a horseback riding, and it was such a adventure. I almost got thrown off by my lovely horse "Hold On". Yes, that's his name. You can imagine what kind of horse he was, and he loves to roll over in the sandy beach, so I had to kick him hard and ran pass the beach. It was VERY scary for a beginner, and I lost my hat! I walked funny for several days afterwards. But strangely, I still miss him. Oh, off topic here. OK, back to the bday party. Frankly, I still think the party was more for the adults. I don't think the kids will remember anything, maybe only the poneys. And what they are going to do for his next bday? I will never spoil my (future) kids like this even if I had money to flush down the toilet. But it's their life, and they can do whatever they want.

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