Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Flowers

More pictures of my flowers.

This is my first daylily bloom. Love the color, nice pink petals with bright yellow center. And look at the ruffled edge of the petals, very delicate.
My four o'clock flower. I have both this pink/purple one and the cheerful yellow one.
This is actually my last columbine flower. The all white flowers look so pure and innocent. This one was already fading. Still lovely.
And the geranium (Martha Washington) is so happy now. Look at how many flowers on it. The color is so rich and intense. Absolutely stunning!
This could be my garden thief, the one who ate my favorite celtuce, and lots of my neighbors salad greens. But it's still cute.


Sara said...

I love gardening. Those are great photos-good thing you got that bunny before he hopped away!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

The flowers are all pretty but that lily is the best--good job on the close-up shot of it!

SallyZ said...

Thanks. I love my flowers. Cannot stop taking their pics. Thank goodness we have digital camera now.