Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Am Featured

The lovely Emma just convoed me about the new post for her blog, my interview! Yes, I am featured again. This is the second time, but I am so excited about it. I am going to tell all my friends to read it and ask them to tell their friends, ... So, if any of you are interested as well, her blog is at I guess Emma loves yellow and green, so she chose only items that are those two colors. But most of my pieces are red, which is the traditional color for Chinese knots, while green, yellow, pink and orange are the new colors that I fell in love with this year.

We had a wonderful BBQ party at my boss's house yesterday. The weather was great, and 20 people, most of them just out of college. So, you can imagine how much fun we had. Everyone brought some party supplies and food, so it won't be all on our nice boss. He is great, very easy going person, and very considerate, BBQ-ed some veggie burger and hotdog for the two vegetarians. I love his house, in a nice neighborhood, all renovated, very spacious, and matured landscape, which I wanted but don't have with my house. All those great trees are at least 70 feet tall, that is just my guess, they are all taller than his 3 stories house. And he has a beautiful blue stone patio, and best of all, a volleyball net in the backyard! We all had so much fun playing volleyball. Oh, our best 'toy' was actually Brady, the 2-yr-old F1B goldendoodle. Yes, he was named after Tom Brady. He looks like a poodle, but has a golden retriever's tail. Very curious and friendly little guy. And the best feature is he doesn't shed most of the time! Oh, he was such a cutie!

BTW, here is the new apron I made for my friend's husband. She saw my new apron, and really liked it, So, I offered to make a pair for her and her hubby. I know, me and my big mouth! Like I don't have enough to do already! Anyway, I got this great fabric, called "bike track" or something, I thought it will be great for this purpose. So, here it is. Oh, that's my DH modelling it for me. I didn't want to show his face for privacy issue, but he had a huge smile on. Of course, it's cute and it's for his best friend!

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