Thursday, July 24, 2008

What To Paint

on our new white curtains for the basement? This is the Ikea curtain I originally wanted. We went to Ikea in Stoughton MA a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately they were out of stock. It's a more than 2 hours round trip, I am not going to drive there again just in case they get new shipment the next week. So, we ended up buying some white curtains with the same hidden taps. DH was the one chose the white ones, because we painted the concrete walls white, the floor porch blue with flakes, he thought it will make the basement brighter and matches the walls. Oh, forgot to mention that these curtains will function as room devider. We are going to use the right side of the basement as exercise room, with the treadmill, and all other equipment, and the TV for Turbo Jam. And the left side will be the laundry area, workshop, and storage area. So, we need to hide the mess, so we can enjoy the newly painted exercise 'paradise'. I spent a couple of nights adjusting the length, and finally hung them up. But now DH doesn't like them any more. He told me they make him think of funeral (Chinese used to hang white fabrics all over for the funeral). Since his dad has been in coma for 16 months after the stroke, he doesn't want to take a chance and kind of cursing him. I know it's a little bit superstitious, but I know he loves his dad very much and respect his opinion. So, now he want me to paint something on them. I used to do traditional Chinese brush painting when I was a teenager, and other type of paintings later on, but haven't done anything in the past 5 years. My original thought was to paint the most famous traditional subjects on them, like the plum blossoms, chinese orchids, bamboo, and chinese mum flowers. Since we have 5 panels, I can paint my favorite lotus flowers on the last one. Here are some inspirations I found online.
But I have never done these type of painting on fabrics before, and I won't be able to use the traditional ink, (have to use fabric paint) you can understand my hesitation. And DH doesn't want it to be too busy. The other choice is to paint some modern abstract design, like the leaves on the one I wanted. Here are some inspirations, of course I got some of them from my favorite blog "How About Orange".

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