Thursday, July 10, 2008

No TV, No Internet

for 3 DAYS! Yesterday, when we got home from work, found that our cable had no signal, so no TV and no Internet for last night. We called Comcast several times, and the automatic system told us there were some service problem in our area, so we waited patiently. OK, DH waited patiently, I was freaked out a little bit. What am I supposed to do without TV and internet? So, I watched my favorite DVD, the "Planet Earth". This morning we called again, apperantly they fixed the problem, but we still have no signal. And DH scheduled an apointment with their techinican this Sat morning. Saturday! That means I have to live without TV for two more days! How? I guess we can keep working in the basement and finish painting the floor. We have been working down there for 5 nights already, and DH just cleaned the concrete floor last night. If it can totally dry up by tonight, we can start painting it. Cannot wait to see a "Porch Blue" floor down there. I think it will be quite boring. DH wanted to add some of those sparkles like those nice garage Epoxy painted floor, but I am not sure we can use those flakes with this type of paint. Have to stop by Lowe's and talk to those experts again. Meanwhile, here are some of the painted concrete floor I found inspiring. Notice that nobody used light blue! Well, we'll see. If it's really boring, I will have to buy a different color and paint some design on it. And I am going to make some curtains for the storage shelves to hide the mess. I really love this one, but the fabric could be just a little bit too dark for our basement, which has almost no natural light. But I do like that curtain against the light blue wall. So, it might work for my basement, since we will have white wall and light blue floor.


ComcastCares1 said...

Hi Sally,

I am so sorry to learn that your service is down.

I work for Comcast and I am willing to reach out to my contacts to see if we can send out a tech as soon as Saturday.

Will you please send me the phone number on the account so that I can assist further?


Mark C.
Comcast Corp.

SallyZ said...

Thank you so much, Mark. The tech came here this morning, and fixed the problem really fast. Thanks for your offer. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend.

parrothound said...

Where do I find a tutorial for the "painted stone floor"? I really want to try that, but I can't seem to locate anywhere to find out how to do it.
Thanks so much.