Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Here is some news from from this morning.

"Earlier it reported that the death toll had risen to 14,866. An unofficial tally of deaths in individual communities -- as reported by the news agency over several days -- puts the toll at 19,565. Xinhua also said nearly 26,000 people were still buried under debris and another 14,000 missing. More than 64,000 people sustained injuries." Some towns lost over 75% of their population!
"At one three-story school in Sichuan's Qingchuan county 178 students were confirmed dead after the building collapsed."

Good news is the rain is finally over, so the outside helps can get in. "in Sichuan province, where 20,000 Chinese soldiers have been mobilized for rescue and recovery, state media reported. Another 30,000 were en route to the region. Thousands of troops are traveling by train -- on rail lines that are also transporting supplies."

I heard from some friends here in US that their companies are matching their donations. That is very generous of them! DH is in China now, and people are donating money at where he's at too. The most touching thing is the survivors in those areas were lining up to donate blood! Lots of injuried people suffer from broken bones, bruises, and scrapes, and medical supplies are running low. The fact those survivors can give the only thing they can, their own blood, to help out other unfortunated before outside helps get in is the most amazing and unselfish thing to me!

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