Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Grow, Baby Grow!

Do you see what I am seeing? They are so big now! And look at their wings! They actually started growing real feather already, only short 4-5 days after hatching. WOW! I read more about robins online today, and learned that the baby robins grow really fast, and they can fully grown and leave the nest in 14-16 days! Just 2 weeks! I couldn't believe it! Just hope DH will be back by then, otherwise, he will miss all of it. As I was taking this picture, I really wanted to touch them, their little heads, their hairy backs, and pet them a little. But I knew that is exactly what I shouldn't do, I can not get involved in their life, I am just an audience. So, I touched the ivy pot underneath the nest and left quietly. Mama#2 actually tried to come back a couple of times while I was standing there, and she was making that angry sound again. Sorry, but I didn't do anything, just watching.

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