Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eyes Still Closed

Here are the baby robins at 8am. Can you see that their tiny wings are forming quite fast. I think the one in the middle is the oldest, and the one at the lower right corner is the youngest, judging by their size. Just hope mama can bring home enough food for everyone, so even the smallest one can grow up. Here they are at 7pm. They start to look like their parents. The other thing I read online about robins is dad helps out with feeding, but he will never sit in the nest. That's good to know. Maybe that is why these babies are growing so fast.
Here are some seedings I bought yesterday for the hanging baskets and the window boxes. I also started some marigold and nasturtium from seed. I want to try something different this year, so I am going to use marigold, sweet potato vine, and spider plants in the hanging baskets, and hope that I don't have to fight pests in summer. I will pot them up this weekend. The other flower seedlings are for my yard. I will show you some pictures when I am done with them.

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