Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Alone

DH left very early this morning. I am still kind of sad. I should got used to his leaving already since he had many of these business trips last year. What can I say? Don't really like the house to be empty. I always say that I hate to argue with DH on those tiny things everyday, I should be happy when he is not around, but who is going to be my "punch bag" now?

Now, here are my many many happy thoughts. I made a very very long to-do list last week, and it's still growing. Without DH at home, I can go shopping after work, and yard saling on weekends. Don't need to worry about rushing home and cooking meals. And I told him already, I will start painting the rest of the house. I know, we moved in 3 years ago, and I am still not done with it? Like I said, sometimes I was just lazy, other times, I was having hard time deciding the color or style. And since DH hates the smell of fresh paint, I can only paint when he's on business trip. This time I can paint the master bedroom, second floor hallway, and the dining room and kitchen. I won't paint the staircase walls alone. The ceiling is too high there, I need him to hold the ladder and catch me if I fell. But how am I supposed to move the china cabinet by myself? Well, I will figure it out.

Here is part of my to-do list.
1). paint those white rooms
2). waterproof basement concrete wall, and paint the floor, and install drop ceiling (this sounds like too much, but it's on the list)
3). build a shelf to hold all home fitness equipment and finish organizing basement exercising area
4). buy some white canvas and sew a slipcover for the big sectional sofa
5). make some summer curtains and pillows
6). make 3 sets of baby gifts (matching nursing cover, bibs, burpclothes, onesies...)
7). tidy up the yard, and finish spring planting (both vegetable and flowers)
8). repaint the deck and porch
The list goes on for two more pages. Now you have an idea. I won't be able to finish all of these this time, but can pick some higher priority ones to do first. Thinking of all these exciting projects helps me get over the loneliness feeling. Besides, I am not really home alone, I still have our little blue fish to take care, and two mama birds to spy on. And hopefully very soon, there will be 7 or 8 more baby birds too. OMG, we actually have a very big household. Too bad they cannot be counted as dependents for the tax return. OK, my break is over, got to go back to work.

Updates (May 7th, midnight): I read some old blogs today, and found some really interesting things. People are doing all kinds of games with total strangers, scrap swapping among quilters, small vintage items swapping among collectors, some thrift shopping challenges, and a detailed spring cleaning record. She posted every single day talking about what she accomplished during the day, I think she was following some spring cleaning schedule, and target one spot of the house per day. And she and her friends posted some really inspiring before and after pictures. Since I am going to do a lot of things while DH is away, I probably should keep a record on my blog as well. OK, let's start our late spring cleaning. Who's with me?

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