Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where is mama#1?

After the excitement of watching the nest#2 hatching, I am checking more often on nest#1. Ever since we lost one egg, missing for who knows what reason, mama#1 hasn't been sitting in the nest as before. She left the eggs unattended for hours at a time, and I haven't really seen her sitting there at all for the past two days. Maybe that missing egg was taken by some animal, and mama is just scared, or like Mary said, the eggs could be unfertilized and mama realized that and giving up. Since these 3 were a couple of days earlier than the 4 already hatched in nest#2, who were hatched about 2-4 days ago, I think the chance for these 3 are very slim. I hope they are still alive, and have all my fingers crossed now. Checked on nest#2 this morning. Look at mama#2, isn't she a beauty? She is very responsible and dedicated to her babies, never stay away for long. All 4 baby robins are looking very healthy. Some of them actually changing color now. There are some very dark, almost black color started to appear on their back, like 3 black lines from head to tail. And the tips of their wings are turning black as well. They are growing bigger very fast. So far, I can still tell which one is the youngest, since it's a little bit smaller than his siblings, but I am hoping that he can pick up some speed and catch up. Otherwise, he stands little chance competing with the others. I might need to help him later. So, I am keeping close eye on him.
Update at 10pm. Here is a picture of the babies. Looks like they are growing bigger by the hour. Try to compare them to the size of the nest, you will notice it too. Wow! How many earthworms mama has to catch to feed them? Their eyes are still closed, and sleep a lot. Sweet dreams, my babies!

And M. just bought a set of my baby gifts! A nursing cover, 2 burp clothes, and a tag blanket, all inside the matching bag. I am so excited. And I washed all the newly purchased squares, and ironed them, so now they are ready to be sewed into more baby stuffs. Cannot wait to get them ready for my store. And I have to make more for the craft show in my hospital later this year. That will be my first craft show, and hope people will love my stuffs. But, that's months later, I am not too worried, just enjoying myself now.

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