Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning -- Week2 Summary

What have I done besides watching the baby robins during last week? First of all, I painted half of the kitchen/dining room before I ran out of painter's tape. Let me tell you, it was not easy at all. I am talking about moving that huge china cabinet by myself! I took everything out of there to lighted the load, but still, that thing must weight a ton. I have those moving pad things, but I couldn't even lift the legs to put it under. In the advertisements, they showed you how easy it is to move a armoire or a huge bookshelf with all the books in it, but they forgot to tell you that you need 2 more people to help you to put these pads in place. They were useless in my case. So, I ended up pushing it away from the wall, and hoping I didn't scratch the floor. Now I bought more painter's tape, I can resume tonight. It should be much easier, since half of the remaining space is kitchen cabinets.
Oh, I bought some over the door hangers for the closets, so now all my closets are well organized. Everything is in its own space, and neatly folded or hanging behind the door. I bought some plastic baskets before, so the small items won't fall through the wire shelves. They look so nice, I just kept opening the closet doors to admire my work. Silly, huh?
I made more baby gifts, you know, those matching bibs, burp clothes, nursing cover, ... I am so into it now, and actually already choose the fabrics for more.
Oh, almost forgot, one of my phalaenopsis started blooming. I have been waiting for a couple of month, and the first flower finally opened up last week. Let me tell you it's just beautiful! It's the warm white color, with purple/dark pink lip. It looks very much like this one I found online. I will post my own pictures later. (Update: here is mine, with only one flower opened)
Update on China earthquake from CNN.
- "The death toll in worst-hit Sichuan province, southwestern China, rose to at least 34,073 with another 245,109 people hurt, Chinese government officials said Monday. Authorities have estimated that the final death toll could reach 50,000, while millions more people have been left homeless by the disaster."
- "Traffic halted, work stopped and people bowed their heads across the country to observe three minutes of silence as air raid sirens, car, truck and train horns sounded a "wail of grief" at 2:28 p.m. (0628 GMT), exactly one week since the earthquake struck. Even rescue workers paused from the job of clearing debris and searching for survivors to mark the moment."
- "Meanwhile, at least 200 rescue workers have been buried by mud slides during the past three days, a transport ministry official told the official Xinhua state news agency."
- "On Sunday a 53-year-old man, was pulled out of the rubble in Yingxiu town in Sichuan's Wenchuan county -- near the epicenter -- 148 hours after the quake. The effort took 8 hours."
- "The landslide blocked the valley's Qingzhu river and a lake rising behind the wall of debris threatened Saturday to break its banks and send torrents cascading into villages downstream."

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