Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two More

I have been checking on the baby robins the entire day. It's just amazing! Two more babies hatched! Remember yesterday I said that one egg had cracks, that was baby#2, came out during the night. Here are some very cute pictures of the baby robins from today.This one was taken before 8am. See the baby on the left? That's the baby #1, it's hairy feathers are almost dry now. The one on the right is baby#2 with very wet feather. They are so tiny, but they do have big head compare to their neck. As you can see, they are sitting there with their heads touching the nest and their necks stretched really long. Their skin is almost transparent, and so pink. How did they fit in those egg shells? They look much larger than the eggs. Here they are at noon time. They actually moved around and switched position. And look at their huge eyeballs, totally black. That's my guess, since their eyes are not open yet. And check out the tiny foot, how cute is that? And did you see that tiny hole on the third egg? Another baby is ready to come out. As I was taping them, I started talking and you can see what happened next. They must thought mommy's home, and it was lunch time. Look at them begging for food with their eyes closed. And man, do they have a big mouth or what! I could see all the way down into their throat. Wow! I taped them for several minutes, and noticed mama robin was standing nearby. So, I guess it must be the little guys' lunch coming, so I left and snapped one more picture from inside. So, sorry about the picture quality. Here they are at 7pm. Baby #3 is out! Look at how sweet they are, have their little heads lined up together, and resting on their last brother, the 4th egg. I bet it will come out too tomorrow morning. I am so glad this is happening on the weekend, so I can spend time tape the process. What a wonderful experience!
And I also checked on nest#1 on the deck. There are still 3 eggs! Good news to me. I thought some animal took the 4th egg, and was worrying about losing more of them. But apparently they are ok. But then when I was painting the kitchen/dining room, I got really worried. Mama #1 was not sitting in the nest, for hours the eggs were alone! My mind went a little bit crazy, wondering where is the mama? Is she safe? Did she abandon the nest? Are those baby robins going to die in the eggs without their mother? What should I do to help? ... Finally mama came back around 6pm. I felt so relieved. Still no baby in nest#1. Maybe mama#1 is not as experienced as mama#2, and didn't spend enough time hatching her eggs. Who knows. I will check on them again tomorrow.

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