Sunday, May 18, 2008

Full House

As this morning, we officially have a full house/nest of baby robins! Great job, mama#2! You can see the 3 older ones clearly in this picture, and the last baby is actually buried underneath the middle one (with his little mouth open) and the one on the right. This picture was taken 11am, and judge by the broken shells still in the nest, I think this last little guy just came out. Welcome to this world, my robin babies!Do you see what I see? The last baby looks much smaller than his brothers! Either he developed slower and is indeed smaller, or the other 3 grew bigger overnight. I guess it could be, mama#2 must have been feeding them good worms. Their skin is not as pink as before, and I think their necks are a little bit thicker. But I could be hallucinating. Anyway, I am so glad all 4 of them hatched, and look healthy so far. Mama#2 is going to be very busy from now on. I put some earthworms in the pot next to them, trying to help. They are so adorable! They breath pretty fast, just like human babies. We can say they sleep 24/7, since their eyes are still closed. Really wish I have a good way to label and measure them.
Nest#1 still has no sign of hatching. I am pretty sure mama#1 is not as experienced as mama#2. She spends lots of time away from the nest, so I guess the eggs have not been warmed, so they developed slower. Wish they are ok in there.

Went thrifting and shopping this weekend, and scored a lot of goodies. I went to Fabric Place again for some small things, ended up coming out with about 20 remnant squares, all cute cute prints, perfect for baby stuffs. If I keep making those baby gifts, I will have to put them up for sale in my store. Not a bad idea! OK, I also bought a beautiful pot for my plants, a wooden bar stool for the kitchen, and some other small items from yard sales, and some brand new fabrics, still in original wrapping, from Sal. Army. I didn't plan it, they were on my way home. I will show you the pictures later.

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