Monday, May 5, 2008

Mama Birds

I was way too busy this past weekend, didn't even have time to sit down in front of the computer. So, here is the update on the birds. The nest on my sunny deck has 4 eggs now, and the Mama Bird #1 started sitting on them. So, we should be able to see some baby birds in two weeks. The nest on my covered porch has 2 eggs as the last check this morning. Mama Robin A, the one on the deck.Mama Robin B, the one on the porch. Both Mama Birds are very alert, they always sit in their nests, and facing our door. At begining, they flew away as soon as they saw us. But now, I think they are getting use to having us hanging around. But I did closed the sheer curtains at the door or windows near their nests, so they won't be bothered very often by us walking around the house. Sometimes I can see them flying away for a meal, but they won't stay away for long. And when they do return, they are always very careful. They always land on the railings further away, then check the surroundings. They only get closer when they feel safe. And during the rain, they actually open their wings to cover the entire nest, so the babies won't get wet. They are very good mothers. I tried to help by moving the nest to underneath the coffee table's glass top, but the mother just won't come back to her nest. So, after 30 minutes I gave up, and moved the nest back up, into the rain. And you guessed it, the mother came back almost immediately. She must have been watching my every single move. Apparently she was quite angry at me. Do you see the rage in her eyes?
Yesterday, I noticed some broken egg shells on my norfolk pine tree, about 4 yards away from nest two. Some other bird or animal must ate it. But I doubt it's from one of my nests, since I have been checking on them very often, and didn't notice any egg disappearing. Hope my neighbors' cats won't come over. That will be a total disaster.

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