Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning - Week3 summary

Finally, my house is clean and organized up and down, inside and out. Even my attic and basement are so neat now. I finished everything yesterday morning, right before my guests came in. Talk about good timing! Actually I invited them a while ago, and they are actually my motivation for this deep spring cleaning. Our friend's parents are visiting here, and they are my parents' neighbors back in China. This is their first time in my new house, (actually 3-year-old house, but new to them) and the aunty really into interior design stuffs, so I had to make my house very presentable and up to her standards. I was not really doing all that for her, I wanted to do these for the past 3 years, just never had the motivation like this. Anyway, she was very much impressed. Mission accomplished! I got to show off all my handy works, very happy about that. I will show you some pictures of my clean house later.

Now that my house is clean, I can mess it up again! ;) I have to! I have to finish 2 more sets of baby gifts, and a birthday gift. And I promised DH to make him some neat organizing stuffs for our cars. And I kind of abandoned my Etsy shop for a while, now will be a good time to work on it again. Still feels like so many things to do, but so little time. Oh, almost forgot this. I have to finish painting the master bedroom before DH comes back.

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