Monday, May 12, 2008

Late Spring Cleaning -- Week 1 summary

OK, what have I done so far? Let's see.
- Inside the house:
1). Finished organizing the master bedroom and our tiny "walk-in" closet.
2). Finally finished my closet office.
3). Re-organized the attic.
4). Organized all my fabric (I messed it up again already. I will talk about it later.)
- Outside the house:
1). Mowed and overseeded the lawn.
2). Edged around 3 tree, and some flower beds, and put down new mulch.
3). Removed the chicken wire fence around the cutting flower bed (used to be a vegetable bed).
4). Planted some perennials, and divided some hostas.
5). Put down soak hose in the vegetable bed.
6). Planted snow pea, green bean, purple bean seeds in the garden.

What else? Oh, I finally went thrifting on Sat. I hit a jackpot! On my way back from the doctor's office, I stopped by a huge yard sale in a high school. I got 5 frames, 3 of which are huge, for 25c each! And I got a couple of very cute earrings and a necklace for total $1! I was there really late, close to their closing time. Think about what I probably missed. But hey, I got a great deal, and they were marked much more expensive originally.

And I went to Fabric Place on Sat., and bought some materials I needed to make those baby gifts. People in that store are so nice, both their employees and customers. They answered lots of my questions, and even helped me picking out the coupons that I missed. How nice! I saved about 30% at the end. So, last night, after a whole day of hard work in the yard, I set up my sewing machine and ironing board, and took out all my fabric. This is how I messed it up. I kept pulling pieces out to match the color, and ended up with 50% of my fabric on the sofa. I have to clean up again. I finished 2 sets of baby gifts, each contains matching appliqued onesie, bib, burp cloth and tag blanket, plus a nursing cover. They were not very hard to make, but since it was my first time using any fabric fusing/adhesive stuff, I had to practice several times. I followed the tutorial from Angry Chicken, and it was fun and easy. I still have one more set to make, but that one is not urgent. I have to show you guys the pictures later. I love them! And I bet my friends will love them too.

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