Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Stories on China Earthquake

My eyes have been swollen since Monday, when the devastating earthquake happened. I cannot control myself. Reading the stories online, looking at those pictures, and watching it on TV, I cried every single time! Sad news came one after another, but there were some good news too. At one school site, 89 children were pulled from the rubble alive so far, while at least 201 students were killed when the building collapsed while many napped. Two pregnant women were rescued from their collapsed apartment building with only minor injuries after 50 hrs burried under the debris. And my parents told me another heartbreaking story when I called them this morning. A young couple went to work, and left their baby home with the grandma. And when the earthquake happened or afterwards, I don't know the exact timing, the injuried grandma gathered her last strength and pushed the baby out through some cracks. When the couple finally came back, their baby was safe and sound, but the grandma died. That was soooo sad!
In other news, some of the rescuers and nurses were talking about their own stories. When they found some burried children alive and still concious, the kids will beg for help, "Uncle/aunt, save me! Save me!". They were all saved. And this is the exact word from one of the rescuers, "If anything (bad) had happened to her, the voice could haunt me for the rest of my life." And another very important aspect is most families have ONLY ONE child! "Not only must thousands of parents suddenly cope with the loss of a child, but many must cope with the loss of their only child." You can clearly see the pain in some of the pictures, mothers screaming and crying on the ground, while fathers sat next to their children's bodies looking lost and tears quietly running down their face. I cannot even imagine how much pain they are experiencing.
Many Chinese people here will attend the Chinese Rally at Harvard Square/Cambridge Common Park to have a candle-lights prayer for the victims this weekend. If any of you are in Boston area, please attend it. It's from 2pm to 6pm, on both Saturday and Sunday (17-18th), at Cambridge Common. And those of you who cannot make it, please find other ways to help out. Thanks.

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